The Show Must Go On-Line!

Performing live in our Newhart Theatre is a special experience and one that we cannot wait to share with you soon. Unfortunately, due to the current conditions surrounding COVID-19, we are unsure of when we can safely be together again. With the safety of our audiences, performers, and production staff upper most in our minds, all Loyola University Chicago Theatre Program productions will be live streamed online this fall. We will miss you in person, but in the meantime, we are embracing the creative possibilities presented by virtual performance. All scheduled Fall productions will be live-streamed online. In November, we will assess what the best practices will be for the Spring Semester and release that information as we make our final decisions. 


Become a Virtual Subscriber!

As an online audience member, you will witness not only excellent acting but innovative uses of technology and spectacle to enhance your theatre experience in new ways. Together, we will experiment to combine the best of in-person performances with unique choices that otherwise might have never seen the stage. With your continued support, you will help students prepare for whatever form theatre may take in the future.